In 1970, Lloyd and Marlene Schroeder planted 1,000 Scotch Pine seedlings and started the business they later named Pine Creek Farm.  Twenty years earlier, they had moved to this location as newlyweds and began a farm that included wheat, soybeans, milo and a poultry operation that grew to 17,000 chickens.

They raised four children, Ja, Rhonda, Jana and Ardie, who would all, with their own families,  later help with the Christmas tree business.  In the mid-1990s, Ja moved back to Kansas from San Francisco and became a part of Pine Creek Farm, designing the Candy Cane Tree Maze and the hand-painted figurines of the Christmas Carolers and Nativity Scene.

In their years with the business, Lloyd and Marlene were a team.  Lloyd took the lead in growing trees while Marlene developed the gift shop with her creative wreath and greenery designs in addition to hand-painted ornaments.  They both thoroughly enjoyed getting to know customers they would later call friends.  Marlene passed away in 2007 and Lloyd died in April, 2013.

Ardie, and her husband, Wynn Goering, are the current owners and proprietors.  They believe this is both a business and tradition worth carrying over into the 21st century.